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Pre-December 2023 Pod Mini’s: Manual Battery Recovery Mode

The Pod Mini has a battery recovery mode if its battery is in an extremely low state. When plugged into charge, the Pod Mini reads the state of the battery. If a solid green light shows after 10 seconds, this means the Pod has entered a battery recovery mode.

To recover, unplug the Pod Mini from USB, wait 5 seconds, and then plug the charging lead back in. This process may need to be repeated up to 3 times. Once the recovery process has completed, the usual charging flashing green light will show for longer than 30 seconds.

Another way to recover the Pod Mini battery is to plug the charging cable into a computer instead of a USB wall plug, and follow the steps above.

December 2023 – Present Pod Mini’s: Auto Battery Recovery Mode

Pod Mini’s from December 2023 have the battery recovery mode directly built into the software.

When plugged into charge with no Lighting Arm connected, the Pod Mini will enter a battery recovery state by default, indicated by an initial rapid red and green flashing for 15 seconds. After, the 15 seconds, the Mini will charge normally.

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