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How do I get the pack discount?

How do I get an Adaptalux Studio pack offer?


We have recently changed the way packs work on our store. Please use the new Pack Builder to configure your order. We still have a selection of pre-built packs available here.

An Adaptalux Studio Pack consists of everything you need to get started with Adaptalux Studio and provides a discount for getting started.

The packs and discounts are available in 3 levels, determined by the amount of Lighting Arms you purchase with a Control Pod:


Starter pack – 20% off all LED Lighting Arms:

Control Pod + 2-3 LED Lighting arms.


Combo pack – 25% off all LED Lighting Arms:

Control Pod + 4-7 LED Lighting arms.


Ultimate pack – 30% off all LED Lighting Arms:

Control Pod + 8+ LED Lighting arms.


Please note that you do not need an Adaptalux discount code or coupon to apply the offer. Pack discounts will be applied automatically when you reach the cart page.


How do I build a pack?

How I purchase a custom pack?


Packs are automatically built depending on the items in your cart. If you add a control pod and at least 2 LED lighting arms, you will have a pack. The discount will be automatically applied in the cart and you will see the prices of LED Lighting Arms change to reflect your current pack offer as you add more to your cart.

To build a pack step by step, please use our brand new Pack Builder system.


How do the pre-built packs work?

What is the easiest way to purchase a pack?


We have a selection of pre-built packs available here. These can be added to the cart in a single step and still benefit from the same pack discounts as the pack builder. If you want to add more items to your pack, you can add them to the cart as individual items and they will be shipped together.

It is not possible to change the content of a pre-built pack, but you can build the same pack for your own needs by using the pack builder.

Note that discounts will not appear until your custom pack is added to the cart.

Still need help?

Need suggestions of what to include in your pack? Let us know your needs and we would be happy to help.

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