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Discounts shown is the amount of money saved by building a pack as opposed to buying each item individually.

This Adaptalux Studio pack allows you to do more at a great price. This pack will transform your photographs, allowing for fantastic images and videos to be produced at ease. Perfect for Macro Photography, Floral Photography, Jewellery Photography and Product Photography.

The Combo Pack includes:

  • 1 x Control Pod 2.0
  • 4 x Lighting Arms of your choice.
  • 5 Filters of your choice (optional).
  • 1 x Cold shoe adaptor for camera mounting.
  • 1 x USB cable.
  • 1 x wall adapter.
  • 2 x random subject cards.
  • Select Accessories (optional).

To add to basket, simply build your pack by following the instructions and then click add to basket.

Yes! The Adaptalux Studio does not rely on communication or power from your camera, so it can be used with any make/model.

Yes! The Control Pod features a 1/4-20 thread on the underside to mount to most modern tripods. Every pack also includes a basic adapter for mounting the pod to your camera hotshoe using this screw.

We also offer the Pro Mount for a more robust and versatile connection to your camera.

All of our packs come with a USB wire that plugs into a power adapter. If your specific type of adapter is not available, any 5V/1A USB adapter can be used with the USB wire.

We offer the following adapters (select from the dropdown on the Control Pod section above)

UK (Type G)

EU (Type F)

US (Type A)

We have 3 packs with different numbers of Lighting Arms.

Starter pack includes 2 arms

Combo Pack includes 4 arms

Ultimate Pack includes 8 arms

To add more Lighting Arms than is included in your pack, first add your pack to your basket to save your configuration, then add more lighting Arms to your basket from the Lighting Arm Product.

Yes! We ship worldwide using a tracked service from DPD. Upon dispatch, you will receive tracking details and be able to follow your package all the way to you.

Shipping cost is calculated in the checkout when you enter your address.

8 reviews for Combo Pack

  1. James Pondel

    Adaptalux really is great for macro photography. The combo pack allows me to illuminate any macro subject easily and quickly, without any limitations due to its modular design. Thanks for designing this!

  2. William Crouch

    The Adaptalux Combo Pack has enabled me to expand my photography portfolio immensely. It has allowed me to produce really great macro photographs that are full of creativity. This product really does allow you to do some amazing things with lighting that other products cannot contend with.

  3. Bob Cooley

    I participated in the Kickstarter campaign, and I can easily say it’s one of the best products I’ve supported through the site.

    Its a great kit for Macro and miniature photography; but I’ve also found that it’s great for adding accents and fills for product photography as well.

    The components are sturdy, and pack up nicely into a compact solution that is very portable.

    While mainly created for macro/micro work, I can see a lot of experimental uses for the Adapalux – I love tools that make me think outside of my normal way of thinking about photography and videography.

    Highly recommended!

  4. Erik Lopez Hernandez

    I’ve been using my Adaptalux for about a month. It’s a very useful lighting tool. I have better results when I use it in low light conditions and mounted on a different tripod. I find it kind of bulk on top of the camera and moving the arms around could be difficult when you are trying to take a picture of a single water drop. But, overall, it gives enough flexibility to get great results. The flexible lighting arms provides a great advantage while shooting in the outdoors because sometimes I get to close and block natural light with the camera, but you can always put the lighting arms in the position you need. The battery life is another excellent feature, I’ve just charged my Adaptalux twice in the past month and I use almost on a daily basis.

  5. Ros Coy

    I love photographing small live critters at life size and beyond so was excited to try
    out this studio style lighting in a small package to improve my photos. I ordered 4 white lighting arms to provide the blast of light required to get a reasonable depth of field at not too high an ISO level. I was a bit sorry I didn’t order one coloured lighting arms to play with but the white ones are great especially with the diffusing filters attached for shiny and metallic insects. The control pod and arms pair particularly well with my Canon SLR and 100mm macro lens although I have a little trouble tightening the control pod properly on the hotshoe which may be my fault.
    The unit works better off the camera when I use my little olympus micro 4/3 camera. As I didn’t order a stabilizer, I put a weight on the back of the unit to balance it. It is also easier to use one of the lighting arms as a back light for more dramatic lighting when it is used off camera.
    I don’t have an apple phone so havent been able to try the app unfortunately.
    It has been so much fun learning to use this little lighting system ( I am still learning) and I am very happy with my results so far. Thank you for all your work getting it to market.

  6. Pedro Venâncio (verified owner)

    since the beginning of the campaign, I follow the adaptalux, from that moment I saw, my mind said woooow that excellent, many applications I can do with the lights, and i buy the adaptalux, and I’m not sorry for the investment, was the best buy I made, the opportunities are amazing the effects are really incredible … even wooow, we can release our photographs to another level .. thank the team that created the adaptalux for the excellent work they have done, many congratulations, from Portugal a lot Thank you. Continue with the excellent work, and for those who read these reviews I did not think much, I strongly recommend buying adaptalux .. 100% amazing.

  7. Barry Roberts

    The Adaptalux combo with UV option has given me some wonderful pictures using the UV light and have since purchased 2 more UV arms. I am just at the beginning of the world of UV photography but is is something I intend to do more of. Since purchasing my Adaptalux system 1 of the UV arms failed and the service I received from Adaptalux was excellent and the arm was replaced without a problem. Would I recommend Adaptalux a definite YES.

  8. Frank R. Soda (verified owner)

    Really top quality lighting where you need it. I recommend Adaptalux.

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