Q1: The App cannot find my Control Pod.

A: Please ensure your Control Pod is in bluetooth discoverable mode. This can be done by holding the cycle button down for 6 seconds until a flashing blue light is present.

Q2: I have turned Bluetooth on by holding the cycle button for 6 seconds and the blue light is flashing, however the app cannot find my Control Pod.

A: Hold the cycle button for 2 seconds to turn off bluetooth, then hold for 5 seconds again to restart bluetooth discovery mode.

Q3: When I select the Pod to connect to on the app, it gets stuck on “getting pod profile”.

A: This happens when there is another device interfering with the bluetooth. Please try disconnecting or cancelling the connection and trying again via the app. If the problem persists, try closing the app and re-opening it. If the problem still persists, try restarting the bluetooth discovery mode and trying again. Finally, if the problem is still present, another bluetooth device connected to your phone is causing interference. Please go on your phone settings and disconnect any other bluetooth devices before trying again, this should solve the problem. Known products that cause this issue are:-

– Pebble watches on iOS devices.

– Car play features on iOS devices.

Q4: The World Library is not an option on the app menu?

A: You must sign in via Facebook to have access to the World Library to download and share lighting profiles.

Q5: I cannot save a lighting profile because no image is attached…

A: Please add an image to your set-up, this can either be a photo captured using the lighting profile or of the set-up itself. The Adaptalux library should be as informative as possible to the user, especially if share don the World library. Therefore, we have made it a requirement to add a image.

Q6: What is iCloud backup?

A: iCloud back up on iOS devices ensures all of your lighting profiles in your personal library are saved and can be restored if you ever lose your phone, factory reset it or uninstall and reinstall the Adaptalux app. We strongly recommend you turn this feature on.


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