• what is adaptalux?

  • It's a miniature lighting studio

  • with wireless control

  • Innovative design

  • the lighting possibilities are endless

Innovative Macro Lighting

Fully Customisable

Adaptalux is an innovative miniature lighting studio that allows for thousands of lighting environments to be created.

By utilising a modular design, you ‘build’ the lighting environment, making Adaptalux completely unique and adaptable for each user and subject based on their lighting preferences.

Enables you to take stunning photos

Example Images

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modular design

3 Main Products

Adaptalux is split into 3 key products that all work in harmony with each other, to provide you with the very best studio control.

Adaptalux Control Pod

Powerful Control

Click to learn more about the Control Pod.

Adaptalux Lighting Arms

Your adaptable light source

Click to learn more about the Lighting Arms.

Adaptalux Effect Components

Unrivalled customisation

Click to learn more about the Effect Components.

Adaptalux App

Wireless Control & innovative features

Click to learn more about the Adaptalux App.

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