White light source for macro photography

The Adaptalux Studio has a selection of powerful white lighting options for natural-looking macro photography.

Choose between LED and Xenon Flash to suit your needs. Diffuse and control your light with fast and easy attachments.

White light source for macro photography

White lighting is important for any macro photographer.


Use a combination of LED and Xenon flash to achieve the results you need.


Perfect to complement natural subjects.

White Continuous light for macro

Choose between 3 White Lighting options…

White LED

Versatile Wide Beam

200 Lumens


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White LED Light source

Super White LED

Bright, Focused Beam

400 Lumens


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White LED Light source

Xenon Flash

High Power Strobe

8 Joules


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xenon Flash lighting arm
Simple snap-on diffusion

Magnetic diffusers and flash hoods make it easy to modify your light.

Diffusion for macro photography

3 levels of LED diffusion. 30% 50% 70%

Count the rings from Level 1 to Level 3.

Macro flash photography

Use Flash Hoods to control and diffuse light from Flash Lighting Arms.

Honeycomb, Area Diffuser, and Directional Diffuser.

Diffusion for macro photography lighting

If you’re new to the Adaptalux Studio, A pack is the best place to start.

Check out our Packs with all-white lighting or use the pack builder to customise your lighting.

Iris Photography LED Lighting PackIris Photography LED Lighting Pack

Iris Photography LED Lighting Pack


LED Macro Lighting | Beginner Pack

Adaptalux White combo packLED Combo Pack White

White LED Macro Lighting | Combo Pack

White lighting for macro photographyWhite lighting for macro photography

White LED Macro Lighting | Pod Mini Combo Pack

Adaptalux white starter packwhite starter pack

White LED Macro Lighting | Starter Pack

Adaptalux Flash combo packflash lighting for macro photography

Xenon Flash Macro Lighting | Combo Pack


Watch the Adaptalux Studio demo to learn more.


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