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Red flashing light

Lighting Arms are not illuminating and there is a red flashing light on the Control Pod


Your Control Pod is critically low on battery and needs charging. Please charge your Pod via USB. Please wait at least 20 minutes for the Control Pod to charge to a minimum level before use.

No reaction from dial/button press

Lighting Arms are illuminated but manual controls are not responding.


Manual controls are disabled when in Bluetooth mode. If you are using a Pod 3.0, disable bluetooth by holding the bluetooth button for 2 seconds and releasing. If you are using a Pod 2.0, press the top button for 2 seconds to end Bluetooth mode and return to manual mode.

– Button not working on Pod 2.0

Holding the – button does nothing, holding the + button increases and decreases brightness in one step.


This is normal operation. To adjust the brightness you must first press the top button and then control the lights while the LED pulses. Holding the + button while not in control mode (top button press) will toggle boost mode on and off.

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