Macro Photography Ultimate Pack


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The original Adaptalux Ultimate Pack includes most of the Adaptalux Studio LED products. With 1000s of lighting combinations at your disposal, from standard white lights to adding colour, anything can be achieved with this pack. The only limit is your imagination!

Control Pod 2.0

The Control Pod is the heart of the Adaptalux Studio. It provides power and control to the Lighting Arms.
Every Control Pod comes with a charging cable and a basic cold-shoe adaptor to mount to your camera.

White LED Lighting Arm × 4

Versatile white light.

A highly adaptable white light source with a wide beam angle. Use with colour filters for softer coloured effects.

Blue LED Lighting Arm

Vivid blue light.

Add deep blue tones to your images. Perfect for abstract or sci-fi scenes.

Red LED Lighting Arm

Powerful red light.

Add red colour into your photos. Effective for adding drama to scenes or adding coloured highlights.

Green LED Lighting Arm

Rich green light.

Add bright greens to your images, use with a diffuser for natural shades.

Amber LED Lighting Arm

Firey orange light.

Add warm highlights and coloured effects to your images.

Diffuser Level 1

30% Diffusion

The softest diffuser. Softens shadows without removing too much light.

Diffuser Level 2

50% Diffusion

Diffusion for medium-high brightness. Softens harsh shadows. Recommended for use with Pod 2.0 "boost mode".

Diffuser Level 3

70% Diffusion

Maximum diffusion. Reduces very harsh shadows, recommended for Arm-S Lighting Arms.

Blue Colour Filter

A cool blue hue.

Enhance the colours of water or add a cold vibe to your images.

Red Colour Filter

A fiery red hue.

Add drama to a scene or enhance the colours of red petals.

Yellow Colour Filter

A warm yellow hue

Make warm colours pop and add a summertime vibe to your scenes.

Green Colour Filter

A natural green hue.

Enhance the colours of foliage and complement organic subjects.

Pink Colour Filter

A pleasing pink hue.

Complement colourful flowers or add a pleasing tint to colourless areas.

Purple Colour Filter

A mysterious purple hue

Introduce Sci-fi colour schemes to your images or invoke a feeling of mysticism.

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