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Quick Start Guide

1. Charge your Control Pod via USB. If an orange light stays on then leave for 20 minutes as the Pod sets up the intelligent battery and light management systems. Flashing red light means the Pod is charging. Solid red, means the Pod is charged and ready to use.

Control Pod charging

2. Your Pod is now ready to use. Begin by attaching Lighting Arms, make sure the contacts are clean and insert an arm into any of the ports on the front of the control pod. You will feel a magnetic pull, rotate the arm until it clicks into place.

Lighting arm attachment

3. Once inserted, the lighting arms will automatically illuminate at 50% brightness. To control brightness, tap the cycle button and the light will pulse, this indicates you are about to control the brightness level of this light. Tap again to select subsequent lighting arms.

Control Pod

4. Hold either the – button to decrease brightness, or + button to increase brightness. The light will pulse when you reach maximum or minimum brightness. Leave for 5 seconds to save the new light levels.

Control Pod Controls
Control Pod Controls

5.  Add Adaptalux Diffusers & Colour Filters by simply snapping onto the Lighting Arm head.

Component attachment

6. To remove Lighting Arms, simply pull out. Do not twist! Once all Lighting Arms are removed, the Control Pod will automatically switch off.

Lighting arm attachment

7. To turn off the pod with the lighting arms attached, hold the cycle button for 8-10 seconds, when the indicator light turns green, release to place the pod in “sleep” mode. This uses minimal power, but will still drain the battery, we recommend this for only shot periods of time.

Control Pod

For a quick start guide on using the iOS app to control the pod via bluetooth, Click Here

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