Colourful Dandelion macro photography

Colourful Dandelion macro photography – Watch on YouTube Dandelions are a common flower, and a common subject to try out in macro. As summer approaches, they come out in force, spreading their seeds in the breeze. If you can find a dandelion clock intact before these seeds blow away, try bringing it indoors for some…

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Simple flower photography tutorial with Tulips 🌷

Simple Flower Photography tutorial

Simple flower photography tutorial with Tulips – Watch on YouTube Tulips have a very recognisable silhouette. Rather than go exploring the insides of the flower as we did in our recent hellebore shoot, we wanted to capture the iconic shape of the tulip. We have put together a simple flower photography tutorial to walk you…

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Beautiful Abstract Paper Photography Tutorial

Abstract paper photography tutorial

Beautiful abstract paper photography tutorial! – Watch on YouTube Macro photography comes in many different flavours. Some like to explore the natural world, some make elaborate scenes from figurines and others enjoy anything that can be done on a Sunday afternoon at home. However, we all have something in common – our love for the…

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Creating Abstract Macro Photos using Metal Shavings!

Abstract Macro Photos using Metal Shavings banner

Creating Abstract Macro Photos using Metal Shavings! – Watch on YouTube The Adaptalux Studio uses quite a few CNC machined parts. Turning parts like this creates a lot of interesting metal offcuts known as swarf. Today, we are exploring the joys and challenges of shooting abstract macro photos using metal shavings and creative lighting! Creating…

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