Wedding Ring Photography Tutorial

Gold Wedding Ring Photography tips

Watch on YouTube – Wedding Ring Photography Tutorial Reflective subjects are difficult to work with. Anyone that has tried to shoot jewellery or rings will know the struggle of reflections and the loss of detail from having the wrong lighting available. In our latest shoot, we used the Adaptalux Studio to capture an engagement ring and it…

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Macro MOSS Photography with Water Droplets

Moss Photography Tutorial

Watch on YouTube – Moss Photography Tutorial with water droplets! When Sam suggested we shoot a moss photography tutorial, it’s safe to say there was some scepticism with how much there would be to see. However, Sam has shot moss before using the early prototypes of the Adaptalux Studio… So he knew how interesting it…

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Shooting Fluorescent Flowers Under Ultraviolet Light

Shooting Fluorescent flowers

Watch the Video on YouTube – Shooting Fluorescent Flowers Under Ultraviolet Light Before you get started, you may wish to read our Introduction to UV fluorescent photography, a breakdown all about UV photography. When it comes to choosing a subject for ultraviolet induced visible fluorescence photography (UVIVF), fluorescent flowers are a pretty good starting point. Most living…

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Dried Leaf Macro Photography Tips

Leaf macro photography

Watch on YouTube – Dried Leaf Macro Photography Tips & Tricks Leaves are a popular macro photography subject, we featured them first in our recent Ideas and Inspiration post. However, when dried out, leaves present a brand new challenge for macro photography enthusiasts. With no more vivid green colour, trying to get a dried leaf…

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