What does a macro lens do?

what does a macro lens do?

What does a macro lens do? Probably a question we all ask in the early stages of learning about photography. It’s not overly obvious before getting hands on, looking through the viewfinder and exploring the macro world. Let’s try to shed some light on macro as a genre, and why macro lenses are important. macro…

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Indoor Macro Photography

indoor macro photography

When we talk to photographers about the kind of macro photography they enjoy, a lot of people only venture out when its sunny. A stroll through the woods or meadow can wield some amazing macro subjects; bugs, plants and flowers galore, complete with ready made lighting from the sun. However, these people people miss out…

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Macro Photography Ideas & Inspiration

Macro photography ideas inspiration

Macro Photography Ideas & Inspiration   Starting out with macro and close-up photography can be a steep learning curve, but one question is shared between beginners and pros alike – what macro subject should I try next? We are going to run through our top macro photography ideas, macro subjects and techniques to try. Leaves…

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The Control Pod 2.0 – New and Improved!

A long time in the making, we are happy to announce that we have upgraded the Adaptalux Studio Control Pod! The Control Pod has served us all well over the past few years, and we have learned a lot about the ways people want to use their equipment, but most importantly, the areas that we…

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