Ultraviolet Lichen Macro Photography

Xanthoria parietina Maritime sunburst lichen

Ultraviolet lichen macro photography – Watch on YouTube Lichen is a pretty common find in UK woodland. The particularly easy to find variety is the kind we are shooting today – Xanthoria parietina, aka Common Orange, or Maritime Sunburst Lichen. Grab a few hedge cuttings with this stuff growing and lets delve into some ultraviolet…

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Merry Christmas! 2019 Adaptalux Round-up

Adaptalux news 2019

Hi all, Sam here, I hope you are all having a fantastic Christmas so far. 2019 is now coming to an end so I thought this would be a good opportunity to summarise our achievements this year! Here is a roundup of eveything that happened within the world of Adaptalux… Product Improvements Adaptalux Studio continues…

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