Why Start Macro Videography?


You may have seen my post a few weeks ago, why start macro photography?

I have decided to write a similar post but turning my attention to macro videography. Most modern digital cameras have the ability to produce HD video recordings. This is great news for the photography market in general, as it means you no longer have to buy a camera and a video recorder, you get both in one package.

There is also another huge advantage to this, you can now shoot macro photos and video without changing your photographic equipment. See someĀ amazing movementĀ in your viewfinder? Just hit that record button and then go back to snapping still shots. Its easy, and with Adaptalux its even easier. There is now no need to change your lighting configurations for photos and videos, Adaptalux does both.

Check out this video of a really ordinary subject, washing-up liquid. Add a macro lens, some unique lighting and start filming and suddenly you are immersed in a completely new world. Everyone with a computer can get some free video editing software such as iMovie or Movie maker. Do more with the videos you capture and turn them into stories.

Macro videography allows you to see the amazing miniature worlds seen down a macro lens in real time. Compare it to been an ant, and how they see the world, its incredible, its inspiring.

Go try macro videography now, you will not be disappointed. If you would like any help or tips, then send us a message below!

Many thanks,