We did it! Thank You!

Hi friends,

Together, we absolutely smashed our goal for the Adaptalux Stabiliser, thank you so much for all who supported the campaign! In total, we have raised over £6,945.

What Happens Now?

In the coming weeks, we will be sending out surveys to collect your addresses and pledge details (colour etc). Please keep an eye out for this.

Over the next 14 days, Kickstarter will collect your money and then it will be deposited into our bank account after this period. We are anticipating the 3D printer to get here on the 27th of February and from that point, we will start printing and optimising the design for 3D printing. Once the printer settings are optimised for making the stabilisers at the best possible quality, we will begin. We should be able to start shipping in March.

I Missed Out on the Kickstarter Campaign 🙁

If you just missed out on the Kickstarter campaign, do not worry! You can now pre-order the stabiliser through our online store.


Incredible photograph by Kristine Weiswig using her Adaptalux Studio.

Incredible photograph by Kristine Weiswig using her Adaptalux Studio.

Have you got some amazing photographs using your Adaptalux Studio?

If you have got some photos captured with your Adaptalux Studio, then feel free to send them to me at pictures@adaptalux.com

I will happily share them on our social media channels credited to you, helping you and your work get noticed amongst the photography community.

Thanks everyone!

Sam + the team.