The Perfect companion for your Adaptalux studio

The Adaptalux Stabiliser is designed to balance the Adaptalux Lighting Studio when it is not directly mounted to a camera. Designed to look great in any environment, the Adaptalux Stabiliser is the perfect product for balancing your Adaptalux studio.

Easy to Use

The Adaptalux Stabiliser has been designed to be simple, yet effective. Designed using physics to ensure the centre of gravity is always directly under the pod, the stabiliser ensures your lighting set-up will never take a fall when it is used independently to a camera. To use with your studio, simply attach the stabiliser to the bottom of your Pod by rotating the locking wheel.

Material and Colour Choice

We manufacture the Adaptalux Stabiliser In-House right here in the UK using an amazing 3D printer. This enables us to offer you some great colour and material choices when it comes to ordering the Adaptalux Stabiliser. We currently offer the Stabiliser in durable PET, Carbon Fibre & Metal enthused Nylon. A range of colours are available for PET.

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